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City walk Ainspaanjer

City walk Ainspaanjer

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The Puutje Ainspanjer is a city walk that takes you past many highlights of the city of Grunn. This city walk is about 4-5 km long. This walk is entirely dedicated to the bachelor who will get married. This city walk comes with fun and slightly naughty assignments that the bachelor and company can perform along the way.


If there are any special wishes or requests please let us know and take itContactcontact us for the possibilities.

What happens in Grunn, stays in Grunn ;)

Bachelors PUUTJE is tailor-made for the entire group. Take itContactcontact us and let us know how many people you are. Bachelorettes PUUTJE contains the following content: The unique PUUTJE, Surprise Route, multiple quests, surprise item. Everything is possible!

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