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City walk Speelen

City walk Speelen

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The Puutje Speulen is a city walk that takes you along almost all (many) highlights of the city of Grunn. Put on your sturdy walking shoes because this city walk is about 5 km long. This Puutje has been specially developed for anyone who wants to be challenged with game elements during the city walk. Besides the fact that you get to know the city (even) better, you compete against each other! Which of you will win?


If you prefer a unique city walk with general assignments and questions, then is PUT "loopy" then this might better suit your needs!

PUUTJE contains the following content: The unique PUUTJE, City walk, game elements and a pen. PLEASE NOTE: there is one participation card with the Puutje Speulen. If you want to play against each other with two people, there are two options:

 1. You make a copy (camera on the phone, copier of over draw)

2. Order a second Puutje Speulen.

If you are with more people, take even Contact us.

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