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General information Moi! (Hi) We would love to know why you are you coming to the most beautiful and hippest city in the north of the Netherlands? Are you on a city-trip, visiting friends or relatives or are you a student who wants to learn more about Groningen? One thing is for sure: With Puutje you are at the right place to discover our wonderful city of Groningen. Do you know that Groningers use the word PUUTJE for a bag? You will find everything you need for a successful city walk in Groningen in your Puutje. What does a Puutje have in store for you? Well, it contains a number of route maps with which you can explore the streets of this characteristic city and take you along the many highlights the city has to offer. You can use your Puutje yourself, so you determine your own pace, what you find more or less interesting or how many stops you make at one of the nice terraces, cafes and shops that you come across on your route. "A city walk with a modern twist" Puutje offers you the charm of old-fashioned map reading and following directions via our route maps in combination with modern information via the mobile phone! For the ultimate experience, we advise you to use your mobile phone to scan the QR codes on the route maps scan. In the QR you will find short and concise information about the many locations you walk past with Puutje. You will also find videos, music, soundfragments and even an occasional assignment all with a Groningen twist. It is a unique and very entertaining way of getting to know Groningen. The content of the Puutje is for two people, but more can join in. So, after reading this we hope you want to have a Puutje! What now? If you want to be assured of a Puutje on the day of your visit to Groningen, you can order your Puutje here on the website. After your order you can pick up your Puutje on the day of your tour at the beautiful “The Market Hotel” that can be found on the Grote Markt in the heart of our beautiful city center. ( From this location you start your the city walk right away. Our Puutjes can also be picked up without an order at the local tourist information in the center of the city! We hope you will have a great time!

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