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Citywalk Soamen

Citywalk Soamen

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Did you know that soamen means together in Groningen? The PUUTJE 'soaming' is a unique city walk that has been specially developed for couples or friends who enjoy going out together. Besides the fact that you get to know the city (even) better, you also get to know each other (even) better through surprising assignments! The PUTJE 'soaming' is also ideal for breaking the ice during a first date! In any case, you will leave a good impression with this punnet! Do you dare?


If you prefer to go for a unique city walk with general assignments and questions, then PUUTJE "loopke" is then it might meet your needs better!

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Puutje contains the following contents: The unique bag, Surprise route, multiple quests. If you are with more people, please contact us.

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